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Search Engine Optimization

MISOK is an expert in the field of website optimization, website promotion, link exchange and link popularity. We know how to maximize your website potential to increase your online sales and visibility.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are guaranteed to increase traffic to your website. We also specialize in website promotion, link exchange, and link popularity.

Search Engine Placement Services
These are potential customers who are already searching for YOUR specific products and services.  Can there be a higher qualified lead?  Is your website capturing this traffic? 

Why is search engine positioning so important?
A. Our search engine optimization solutions can generate a tremendous amount of highly qualified traffic. Many of our clients have reported that our services generated the best return of investment (ROI) they have ever seen, when compared to conventional forms of marketing and advertising such as direct mail, print ads and trade shows. The ever growing increase of high speed internet access, both at the office and at the home, has pushed this even further. There are currently over 200 million internet users within the U.S. alone and over one billion internet users worldwide.

How much of an influence do search engines have over online purchases? When online users were asked how they found the websites they purchased from, a survey from DoubleClick revealed the following results:

search engine optimization services
"When I compare the cost to performance, I cannot imagine a better way to advertise. The quality of these leads are the most impressive. I don't even consider a call from our website as a lead any more, they're sales!"

- Bill Herguth, CEO, Herguth Laboratories

On top of this, the pre-qualification of search engine generated leads is historically higher than those that come from other forms of conventional advertising (such as print ads, direct mail and tradeshows). These are not people that you had to hunt for, these are people who are hunting for you!  Knowing the specific keywords that they are using AND being found at the top of the major search engines for these various search terms should be a top priority in your overall marketing plan. Our clients have seen incredible results from our search engine placement services.

Additional findings from other marketing research firms:

"81 percent of internet users find the web sites they're looking for through search engines. And 54 percent of experienced online shoppers primarily rely on a search engine when trying to find a product to purchase online."

- Jupiter Communications: Consumer Survey Data
"Search engines have created more awareness for websites than all other advertising combined including banners, newspapers, television, and radio."

- IMT Strategies
"Over 80% of search engine users find what they are looking for within the first three pages. Sales leads made from keyword and phrase searches are the most qualified and have the highest purchase probability."

- Forrester Reports

Where do people click the most?
According to the "click tracking" heat map seen to the right , you can see that the listings at the top typically receive far more traffic than the lower ranked listings. This typically includes 1-3 sponsored listings which often appear on the top left hand side. Please note that we superimposed a Google results page on top of this heat map to help clarify what you are looking at.  

Is your website buried in the results, missing out on tons of highly qualified visitors?  We recommend sponsored listings (when done correctly) AND optimization services (for improved rankings within the "free" natural listings).  Google alone is currently responding to well over 300 million search queries a day. 

As of a few years ago, Google mentioned that they had over 8 BILLION web pages within their index (probably far more that this now). If your web site is not appearing within the top of the first page (when searching for your specific products and services), you are missing out on hundreds, if not thousands of new customers every year. 

It only makes sense to budget a portion of your marketing budget toward people who are already searching for you in the first place. Customer Magnetism is a search engine optimization company (also known as an internet advertising agency) that can help you increase your sales by dramatically improving your overall presence within the major search engines. 

How do we move to the top of the search engines?
A. There are two main areas to target; Sponsored Listings (which requires pay-per-click management) and Natural Listings (which requires search engine advertising services and link building services). We offer services for each.

SEO is a detailed process that makes your website search engine friendly and consumer friendly. This way you get a top position on search engines (by using specific keywords and phrases). Over 400 million people go online each day in search of products and services -- and they turn to search engines to find the right website. If you are not ranked high enough on a search engine site you may find yourself lost in cyberspace.

At MISOK our team of SEO professionals know how to analyze your site, its services and products. Sometimes it is necessary to redesign a site and create content that is compatible with current search engine data. It is through adding relevant keywords and phrases that you move higher up on desired search engines. Our SEO technique helps generate a steady flow of targeted traffic and ensures optimal Return on Investment (ROI).

We believe in providing efficient and high quality SEO service at affordable prices. Our SEO methodology is specifically created for your website.

MISOK offers comprehensive Search Engine Optimization services:


search engine optimzation Extensive analysis and review of your website


Competitors website analysis Competitors website analysis


Identifying popular keywords and search phrases Identifying popular keywords and search phrases


Content Optimization Content Optimization


Web-Page optimization Web-Page optimization


Link building

Link building


Submission of your site to various search engines and directories Submission of your site to various search engines and directories

Monitoring SEO process Monitoring SEO process


search engine optimization tulsa Evaluation of the result


Periodic SEO Reports Periodic SEO Reports


seo Regular tweaking of SEO process for optimal results


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