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network security


The importance of effective network security strategies

In more recent years, security needs have intensified. Data communications and e-commerce are reshaping business practices and introducing new threats to corporate activity. National defence is also vulnerable as national infrastructure systems, for example transport and energy distribution, could be the target of terrorists or, in times of war, enemy nation states.

On a less dramatic note, reasons why organisations need to devise effective network security strategies include the following:

  • Security breaches can be very expensive in terms of business disruption and the financial losses that may result.
  • Increasing volumes of sensitive information are transferred across the internet or intranets connected to it.
  • Networks that make use of internet links are becoming more popular because they are cheaper than dedicated leased lines. This, however, involves different users sharing internet links to transport their data.
  • Directors of business organisations are increasingly required to provide effective information security.

For an organisation to achieve the level of security that is appropriate and at a cost that is acceptable, it must carry out a detailed risk assessment to determine the nature and extent of existing and potential threats. Countermeasures to the perceived threats must balance the degree of security to be achieved with their acceptability to system users and the value of the data systems to be protected.

Misok provides the following network security services:

Network Administration

network consultingRemote Router administration & mgmt.
network consulting servicesSite Evaluation & Design.
network securitySystem Troubleshooting & Debugging
network managementNetwork Management (LAN/WAN)
Router and OS updatesDisaster recovery
Security Auditing & Hardening
Software Installation & Config
Router OS Updates management
Performance tuning
Emergency support (24/7)

Security & Firewall

network securityCisco VPN, PIX VPN setup and configurations.
Security Auditing & Updating
Cisco ACL & Firewall rulesets
Router Firewall design/configure
Network security auditing & Hardening
Security alert and upgrade management
Disaster & Compromise recovery
Data & Colocation center auditing

Application Support & Management

WAN Load Balancing & Redundancy
LAN Routing optimization
NAT/Masquerading configure
Load Balancing/Switch optimization
DHCP & TCP/IP Management
Interface with Backone providers

Local and Wide Area Network

T1/T3/WAN Procurement & install
LAN Design & Deployment
ISDN/Frame-Relay/Cable integration
Router/Firewall integration
Ethernet, Wireless (802.11b)
LAN/WAN Diagnostics & Debugging