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 If you are a Business with Cox Communications Business account:

Contact Cox Communications to receive your static addressing information. You will need to configure your Cox cable modem to use your reserved static address which is not affected by the change. If you have received your information and are still having problems contact us at (918) 234-9991.

If you are a residential customer with a Cox Communications or ATT DSL account:

Per Cox technical support: (918) 665-0200

If you are using Cox Business account you need to configure your gateway router with COX supplied static IP address and you are allowed to send email via port 25 SMTP.

" Cox will block all network traffic from residential customer IP addresses going outbound on port 25 (SMTP) at our routers, unless it is being sent to a Cox HSI SMTP server. This means that you will need to change your email settings in order to send mail. "

This means you need to change your SMTP server to send your mail through different communication ports. Simply change the following settings within your email client to continue using your email as usual.

Choose one of the following program options:



Please call 918-243-9991 for more information and SLA or Maintenance agreement details.